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The Kintsugi Podcast - Conversations about Resilience

Jul 14, 2021

The day is finally here… As we reach the halfway mark of 2021 and start to reevaluate our new normal and the way our lives have changed, I enter a new challenge with a mixture of emotions- my knee replacement surgery. I’m eager and excited but also nervous and anxious. But this time I also feel prepared for everything that is going to happen.

      To our Kintsugi Podcast family, 20 Ripple Challenge community, our Peloton, our tribe, I thank you and I hope you’ll continue to join us on this new journey and that it will further motivate you to get ready, to build resilience through inner work, to renounce the old ways and live life to its fullest potential, with gratitude, kindness and self-care. What we ripple matters...     

        Until next time, remember to always come back to your breath in your bad moments. You got this and we got you!

        My friends, as always, I hope you have fun storming the castle!