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The Kintsugi Podcast - Conversations about Resilience

May 19, 2021

In today’s episode of the Kintsugi Podcast, we start our talk about resilience and our continuous strive for creating a better life-work harmony, with a story. A story about a personal ad- the best ad of my life- the ad that prompted the happiest 29 years of my life, and proved to me, once again the importance of making my voice heard.

         In this day and age, it’s more vital than ever to advocate our truth- the truth of the life that we want to live. We need to reevaluate our boundaries regarding our life-work relationship, take a stand for ourselves in order to create a new normal, and ask questions about what our life should actually revolve around.

         We need to remember to pause, breathe, reflect and stop hiding behind life’s old narratives. Learn to listen to your voice, answer the questions that prompt you to write the best ad of your life, and until next time, don’t forget to have fun storming the castle!

Key Points:

  • Story time (00:57)
  • The line that hooked her (04:38)
  • Afraid to make my voice heard (06:18)
  • Are you speaking your truth? (08:34)
  • Questions you need to answer in order to discover your new normal (10:38)