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The Kintsugi Podcast - Conversations about Resilience

Jun 11, 2021

It’s been 20 years… 20 years since my last bad day, 20 years since my life changed for the better, despite the circumstances that generated the change. It’s been a tough but wonderful journey, and the new chapters that await are as inspiring and as important as the road I traveled so far... 

So I invite you all to join me on this new venture towards recovery, where we can learn together how to shift our emotional strength and align our mind, body, and soul in order to gain adaptaversagility- that wonderful $5 word coined by one of our Peloton members, Bobby Kountz, that represents a combination of adaptability, agility, and versatility- the ingredients we need to win over our fear of change.

Remember to Pause-Breathe-Reflect, adapt and accept the journey… Until next time, have fun storming the castle!