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The Kintsugi Podcast - Conversations about Resilience

Jul 21, 2021

                  The world changed. For the better or for the worse depends only on how we decide to live our lives from now on… Sharing energy, thoughts, ideas, or just a simple touch, a hug, has always been a fundamental way for people to express their feelings. And now that we can share that again we discover how much the need for connection propels us in this race called life. Just like in a peloton we need to surround ourselves with people that we can trust, people that will support and collaborate with us to transform this journey to the finish line into a journey of love, grace, and gratitude.

                  Join this week’s conversation about resilience here on The Kintsugi Podcast as we talk about my first in-person event since the pandemic began, the Tour de France, and my impending knee surgery.